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The way to Grafikus Coffeetec

In February 2016 I bought a new Linea Mini. The anticipation of this machine was huge. But after only a few days of use, I noticed that the machine can do more. After 2 weeks I had completely disassembled the machine and a short time later I replaced the rotary pump with a gear pump. I operated the gear pump using the factory paddle, so that I now had a machine that left little to be desired.

In addition to this technical modification, I also tackled two points that bothered me about the factory Linea Mini: the plastic caps and the rubber feet. I replaced both with self-constructed components made of stainless steel.

Now that my Linea Mini was a full-fledged pressure profling machine and I had gotten feverish, I started thinking about which adjustments could have a positive effect on the result in the cup.

"Unfortunately" I came to the conclusion during testing and experimenting that the effort to adapt the Linea Mini to my ideas would get out of hand. For this reason I decided to build my own espresso machine based on the proven hardware from my Linea Mini. So I started a collection with the features I wanted. The image of an espresso machine quickly formed in my head, which has a modular structure and is divided into different units for espresso extraction, steam / hot water and a central unit with the necessary technology. The goal was to hide as much as possible below the work surface. A project developed from these thoughts, which has accompanied me for many years now. My machine has been in daily use since 2019.

In addition to a great espresso machine, which is now in my living room and inspires me every day, I learned a lot from this project. The experience and increased technical possibilities are now being used in a conversion kit for the Linea Mini and various accessories for espresso, machines and grinders.

It inspires me that I can bring joy to other people all over the world with my passion for technology and the resulting products.

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