about me


The cause

In February 2016 I bought a new Linea Mini. The anticipation for this machine was huge. But after just a few days of use, I noticed that the machine could do more. After 2 weeks I had the machine completely dismantled and a short time later I replaced the rotary pump with a gear pump.

In addition to this technical modification, I also gradually began to develop my own accessories for my machine, as the accessories available on the market did not appeal to me.

The consequence

Now that my Linea Mini was a full-fledged PressureProfling machine, I looked at the question of what technical options there were still. I quickly came to the realization that I couldn't use the Linea Mini as a basis for this, but had to set up my own machine.

The experience and increased technical possibilities from my own construction project are now being used in a conversion kit for the Linea Mini and various accessories for espresso machines and grinders.

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