Linea Mini needle valve kit 2.0

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Extension to display the current brewing pressure:

  • With this extension, the existing pressure gauge is connected directly behind the brewing group so that the influence of the needle valve becomes visible.

You can see how it works in this video:

New in version 2.0:

  • Drilling is no longer necessary. All the required mounting points are now prepared in the bracket.
  • Even more detailed installation instructions. I have added the instructions based on the feedback from previous happy customers.


The Linea Mini is a great machine. It only has a problem at the factory: the paddle only functions as an on / off switch on the models until the end of 2019. The new models have an attitude that is similar to that of a PI, but in terms of their function they by no means exploit the potential of the machine.

My mod

I use the experience from my own construction project and have developed a conversion kit for the Linea Mini. This uses a needle valve to influence the flow rate during the PI. The valve is located directly in front of the brewing group, so that a change in the flow rate has an immediate effect.
Durch den Umbau wird das “Fake-Paddle” zu einem vollwertigen Paddle umfunktioniert. In der Mittelstellung befindet sich die Preinfusions Position. Dort muss das Wasser durch das Nadelventil fließen, sodass die Flussrate auf den eingestellten Wert reduziert wird. Sowohl die Dauer der Preinfusion, als auch die Flussrate sind frei wählbar.
After the pre-infusion, the paddle is pushed further to the left. The valve toggles and the regular flow rate and pump pressure act on the puck. Optionally, the flow rate can also be reduced here by using a 0.6mm gicleur.

What are the advantages of the conversion?

Due to the low flow rate during the pre-infusion, we achieve that the puck is saturated slowly and almost without the action of the pump pressure. This is comparable to the so-called blooming with filter coffee. This will make the extraction smoother and reduce the susceptibility to channeling.
In addition, we can adjust two more variables through the conversion. The flow rate and duration. For example, we can grind finer if we extend the duration of the pre-infusion.
The great advantage of the two-stage system is reproducibility. As soon as you have found the right settings for a variety, you can reproduce the references very easily.

What's in the kit?

With the kit you get the following products:
• fully assembled wiring harness
• all required hydraulic components and fittings
• Teflon hose
• a milled holder for the paddle
• detailed assembly instructions

What do you need to do the conversion?

The conversion can be carried out very easily by anyone. I like to compare it to building a shelf. You need a little time, enthusiasm and the right tools. If you do all the steps in the right order, that's half the battle.
Required tools & material
• a set of screwdrivers
• a set of open-ended wrenches
• Liquid sealant to seal the hydraulic components.
• If necessary, an electrician for the electrical connection of the wiring harness, if you are not familiar with the electrical system.

How long does the installation take?

The time it takes to just assemble the kit is 2 to 3 hours for a skilled craftsman. Inexperienced screwdrivers should calculate with an afternoon. In addition, there is the drying time of the liquid sealant.

What do I do if I get stuck at one point despite detailed instructions?

So far everyone has been able to carry out the conversion successfully. If you have any questions, I am available by e-mail as well as by phone. After I know the inner workings of the Linea Mini very well through various modifications, we will find the problem in a very short time.

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